About Spurwing Solutions

Spurwing Solutions has developed a range of invoicing processing solutions specifically for the tourism industry to improve efficiencies and reduce time and costs associated with invoicing and payment processes - solutions include;

  • Invoice Channel Manager solution (for sellers to drive efficient distribution of invoices)
  • Commission Matching solution (for sellers to auto reconcile OTA commission invoices)
  • Automated invoice matching solution (for buyers to auto match seller invoices)

Key Benefits

Time Saving

  • Reduce invoice processing time by up to 90% and improve accuracy.
  • Extract and upload all invoices to be sent to all debtors both locally and globally as frequently as required. (daily, weekly, twice monthly or monthly)
  • Ability to send all invoices to all debtors in minutes. (12,000+ debtors receiving invoices electronically via Spurwing)

Improved Accuracy

  • The ability to directly upload invoice data directly from property management / accounting systems reduces the occurrences of typographical errors that can occur with manual entry.
  • No more manual invoice compilation for debtors requesting invoices in specific formats (ie excel spreadsheets etc) - this whole process is automated.

Improved Cash-flow

  • Improved invoice accuracy, reduces invoice discrepancies.
  • Ease of the invoicing process allows users to dispatch invoices at more frequently intervals for payment.
  • Knowledge that invoice has been received & processed, reducing need for time consuming follow-up.

Improved Agent / Distributor Relationship

  • Jump the Invoice Processing Queue - Invoices received electronically via Spurwing will receive priority processing (from participating travel distributors), providing best possibility of payment on time.


  • Spurwing invoice exchange contains a global database of travel distributors.
  • Suppliers can distribute invoices to more than 10,000 debtors globally.

Cost Saving

  • Reduce postage/courier and stationery costs / reduce need to print, scan and manually store/archive paper invoices.

Key Features

Distribute all invoices in a single process
Spurwing provides Sellers (suppliers) with the opportunity to distribute ALL invoices to all Buyers (debtors) electronically in a single process
Flexible invoice loading options
Sellers can upload invoices into Spurwing via a file upload for larger invoice volumes (upload a batch of invoices in a csv file format), or upload invoices individually via the Spurwing invoice portal
Established Global debtor network
Spurwing distributes invoices to more than 13,000 trading partners (debtors) globally on behalf of participating travel & tourism seller businesses
Secure system
The Spurwing system is a web-based system protected by standard online encryption techniques as used by financial systems, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) capable of 256 bit encryption
Invoices delivered in format required by debtors
Spurwing delivers invoices in any data format requested by Buyers (debtors) including custom spreadsheets, xml, html and pdf
Minimal system requirements
Spurwing is a “Software as a Service” model with minimal requirements; an internet connection & use of a compliant internet browser
Flexible agreement
12 month 'rolling' agreement - one-month notice required in writing (email) by either party to suspend/cancel agreement
Easy to get started
Easy three step start-up process:
  • Provide a list of all debtors you want to receive invoices
  • Provide a csv file of all invoices to be distributed (most PMS / accounting solutions provide an invoice extract capability)
  • Online training (1 hr)

The Spurwing Process In Five Easy Steps

Tourism Suppliers typically have to send many invoices to multiple distributors listing services provided and a request for payment.

Distributors recieve multiple invoices in different formats from many different suppliers, creating the need for manual invoice matching against their own references in their travel management systems. - time consuming and tedious.

Here's where Spurwing comes in.

Spurwing allows suppliers to upload invoices digitally, which are then automatically matched against booking data uploaded by distributors. This is performed in five simple steps

  • 1
    Distributors logon and upload booking data from their booking systems.
  • 2
    Suppliers logon and upload invoice data from their booking systems.
  • 3
    Invoice and Voucher data is matched automatically using agreed reference fields
  • 4
    Automated reports are triggered detailing matched and unmatched records, with discrepancies resolved automatically.
  • 5
    Reports can be imported into Supplier or Distributor accounting system for analysis.
Spurwing Streamlines communication