About Spurwing Solutions

Over the course of a decade Spurwing Solutions has developed a range of invoicing processing and automated invoice matching solutions specifically for the tourism industry to streamline the reconciliation process. Spurwing's objective is to develop solutions for industry which improve processing efficiencies, reduce time and costs and facilitate timeliness of payments.

Spurwing's invoice matching solution provides a convenient, cost and time effective process to automatically reconcile supplier invoice data against distributor reservation data.

Key Benefits

Reduce manual work & errors

Up to 70% of invoices received by travel distributors arrive in pdfs attached to emails. Processing pdf invoices creates additional workload and increased inefficiency for invoice processing & payment. This typically involves manually entering the PDF data into the booking system, which is time-consuming and prone to errors. In the Spurwing model, invoices from participating suppliers are received as a data file directly from supplier accounting systems - removing any need for manual processing.

Improve processing transparancy & minimise disputes

Distributors upload booking data into Spurwing which is automatically matched against invoices uploaded by suppliers. Participating suppliers have the opportunity to view the status of invoices via an online portal as they pass through the invoice approval process.

Efficient payment process

Electronic receipt and reconciliation of invoices allows for faster processing of invoices providing flexibility in the timing of payments. In addition, the visibility that comes from the automatic processing of invoice data helps to improve cash flow control.

Key Features

Capture of supplier invoice data
Invoice data is captured via a scanning interface or alternatively supplier direct invoice contribution to the Spurwing service
Invoices reconciled electronically
Supplier invoice data is compared and automatically matched against Distributors' reservation data using tailored rules for matching conditions
Online Invoice Archiving & Retrieval (optional)
The system provides a convenient online search facility of invoice to reservation transactions with access to original invoice documentation as submitted from the supplier
Booking System interface
Tourplan has developed an interface with Spurwing. This enables clients to import reconciled supplier invoices directly into Tourplan for review and payment
Minimal system requirements
Spurwing is a “Software as a Service” model with minimal requirements; an internet connection & use of a compliant internet browser
Secure system
The Spurwing system is a web-based system protected by standard online encryption techniques as used by financial systems, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) capable of 256 bit encryption

The Spurwing Process In Five Easy Steps

Tourism Suppliers typically have to send many invoices to multiple distributors listing services provided and a request for payment.

Distributors recieve multiple invoices in different formats from many different suppliers, creating the need for manual invoice matching against their own references in their travel management systems. - time consuming and tedious.

Here's where Spurwing comes in.

Spurwing allows suppliers to upload invoices digitally, which are then automatically matched against booking data uploaded by distributors. This is performed in five simple steps

  • 1
    Distributors logon and upload booking data from their booking systems.
  • 2
    Suppliers logon and upload invoice data from their booking systems.
  • 3
    Invoice and Voucher data is matched automatically using agreed reference fields
  • 4
    Automated reports are triggered detailing matched and unmatched records, with discrepancies resolved automatically.
  • 5
    Reports can be imported into Supplier or Distributor accounting system for analysis.
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