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The Spurwing system is a Travel Industry transaction hub, providing business to business trading facilities and optimising processing touch points between Organisations, a trading community within the sector.

Spurwing provides standards in terms of e-commerce and data interchange for the Travel Industry. This initiative is receiving good industry support by individual organisations and supporting bodies such as the Australian Tourism Export Council.

Advancement in information technology now facilitates quality data exchange between entities minimising anomalies introduced through traditional manual handling. High volumes of menial tasks can now be performed very quickly at low cost. (Traditionally product suppliers and their distributors each manage relationships on a number of levels within organisations, management, product and finance the main. There can be in the order of hundreds if not thousands of these relationships depending on the size of the organisations involved.)

Core to these commercial relationships is cash flow and a clean financial exchange between the two, the first priority of the Spurwing system is to streamline this interface between trading partners.

Key Features

  • Electronic generation and presentation of invoices.
  • Online search and retrieval of invoice information.
  • Automated reconciliation between product lines sold/purchased.
  • Provide a channel for the resolution of invoice claims that have not been (automatically agreed as) reconciled.
  • Where parties contribute data through the month any resolution of claims can be performed through the course of the month, before the end of month payment close off.
  • Archive repository.
  • Intuitive desktop interface.
  • Corporate branding throughout the system.

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Key Distributor Benefits

Reduced Invoice Processing and Storage
  • reduced invoice receipt and sorting
  • reduced invoice storage and retrieval costs

Reduced Voucher Matching Costs
  • reduced manual voucher matching
  • efficient discrepancy resolution process

Key Supplier Benefits

Reduced Invoice Processing and Storage
  • reduced issuing of invoices
  • reduced mailing costs
  • reduced photocopying costs
  • reduced storage and retrieval costs

Transparency of Process
  • track and view status of voucher from the time of uploading

Improved Cashflow Management
  • identify discrepancies earlier
  • resolve discrepancies efficiently

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News and Views

Flight Centre Global Product
The development of the Spurwing interface means that invoices presented to Flight Centre (Global Product) via Spurwing will be electronically matched against booking data stored in our accounting system, delivering us a unique and efficient 'no touch' invoice reconciliation solution
Tony Carolan,
GM Finance & Administration
Flight centre Global Product

FCM Travel
We are very pleased to be associated with Spurwing, who in partnership with leading hotels have created a solution that allows our travel consultants to receive process and pay their hotel invoices far more efficiently. We encourage all our hotel clients to provide future invoices via Spurwing.
Stephen O'Dwyer,
Product Manager
Flight Centre Global Product - Corporate
(FCm, Corporate Traveller, Stage & Screen & Campus Travel)

The adoption of Spurwing aligns with Accor's objectives of improving process efficiencies and caring for the environment. By employing the Spurwing solution, we can reduce the time it takes to process & send invoices as well as reduce the use of paper which in turn reduces our impact on the environment.
Stephen Lake,
Director of Finance - Hotels for Accor Australia

The adoption of the Spurwing solution allows our group to adopt a more progressive, flexible and cost effective strategy in relation to invoice management.
Gene Osborne,
Regional Director of Finance
Intercontinental Hotel Group

We anticipate saving an average of 30 plus hrs per month per hotel by adopting Spurwing to send all our invoices to all our trading partners, both travel and non travel.
Gavin Wylde,
Rydges Hotels & Resorts Operations Controller

Spurwing is an extremely costs effective solution which is very easy to use, we estimate it delivers us 85% savings compared to costs. A recent example is having returned from leave I had 2 weeks of invoicing waiting to be done, this would typically take a week to complete the old way, however by using Spurwing it was done within 4 hrs! .
Jared Lay,
Supervisor, Finance
Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne

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