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The Power of Spurwing

- Tourism distributors, imagine that all your supplier invoices were matched automatically against your own payment data within a matter of minutes – that’s the power of Spurwing.

- Tourism suppliers, imagine knowing at any moment which invoices have been received, are matched, unmatched or in dispute, with whom and why! – that’s the power of Spurwing.

Is electronic invoicing becoming common internationally?

Recent media comments:

• e-Invoicing adoption continues to skyrocket

2008 witnessed a veritable explosion in the adoption of e-invoicing to help businesses automate their accounting processes. Businesses are increasingly applying technology to automate their procure-to-pay process and gain the dramatic business benefits that have been documented in numerous case studies and benchmarks.

• Electronic invoicing and automated payment processes enables companies to not only reap significant hard dollar cost savings from reduced operational costs associated with handling paper, but also to take advantage of discounts that can add millions of dollars to the company’s bottom line. (Rochelle Cohen, GXS Senior Marketing Manager, Nov 8th, 2008)

• ‘Transaction volume of electronic invoices traded within the United States will overtake the number of paper invoices by 2010’ (Electronic Invoicing Adoption Survey Report, PayStream Advisors)

• According to research carried out by professional services firm, Deloitte, 37% of businesses in the US were looking to introduce electronic invoicing in the next 12 months.

How much does Spurwing cost?

Not as much as you think!

The efficiency gained in sending secure electronic documents, managing the resolution of discrepancies online and storing and retrieving invoice data electronically will definitely prove to be far cheaper than your current paper-based process.

The costs are upfront & transparent comprising a monthly subscription fee, plus a volume based transaction fee based on matched records only - the more invoices / vouchers matched the lower the transaction fee per item.

Spurwing does not apply any hidden set up fees or licensing fees and requires minimal or no training to competently manage the interface.

Is my data Secure?

Yes, Spurwing applies ‘financial system strength’ security to protect all data from the time it leaves your computer.

Spurwing has been developed using the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)recommendations for system security. This is a requirement for credit card scheme security such as the Visa / Mastercard promoted Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.

All communications between the user’s browser and the Spurwing hosts will be protected via Secure Sockets layer (SSL) the standard for secure internet transmissions, capable to 256 bit encryption.

Data is loaded into the system via this encrypted secure channel loaded to a database and matched between parties before reporting.

Confidentiality of data is assured with access only available to the Synyati support personnel as required for problem solving and maintenance.

How does Spurwing Interface with existing accounting package / booking systems?

Data can be uploaded either manually or electronically.

Most accounting systems have a data export facility through which your payments and invoicing data can be batched and uploaded electronically into Spurwing. Spurwing has the flexibility to cater for various input data formats provided all mandatory data is present.

What if some of my clients are reluctant or unable to participate in Spurwing?

You can improve your customer relationship by helping your clients to streamline their invoice creation and processing.

For suppliers, currently your distributor clients receive a paper invoice, which they input manually into their accounting package and file away. This takes up valuable time and can be a monotonous task, especially if they receive a large number of invoices.

Spurwing not only delivers the same data electronically, it also automatically matches the data against that of your distributors data and generates reports highlighting the matched status of your invoice and provides an online facility to resolve unmatched items – all of which can be viewed online by both parties. Your distribution partner can then import the matched results into their accounting package ready for payment.

For distributors, suppliers currently create and mail off hundreds of invoices, never really knowing if and when they have been received, when they are processed and whether the amount requested will match the value in the distributors accounting package.

Spurwing provides the supplier with a cost effective, transparent process in which a supplier can view the status of the invoice form the time of uploading thru to when it is matched or not matched. If not matched, the supplier can commence an online dialogue to resolve the disputed amount and receive payment if the next payment run.

What savings can be expected with Spurwing?

According to numerous surveys from management consultancies, the cost of processing a manual paper-based invoice can range from $5.00 to $60.00.

Spurwing can reduce current cost per invoice in both the Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR) departments by removing direct costs, such as paper, printing and postage, together with indirect costs, such as data-entry, data -correction, dispute management, requests for duplicate copies of invoices and the approval process.

Additional benefits beyond cost reduction include better cash conversion through the reduction of debtor days, automation of invoice approval and payment that match defined business rules, clearer visibility of the entire financial supply chain and enhanced interaction between distributors and suppliers.

The values below highlight some of the more significant potential savings:

Accounts Payable (AP) Function Saving per invoice
Processing CostsDirect Costs

Accounts Receivable (AR) Function Saving per invoice
Invoice Delivery CostsCopy Invoice Costs
Note: Savings based on estimates from Forrester Research, Gigia Information Group and Hackett Group.

Do I also need to send hardcopy invoices to distributors if I load them electronically into Spurwing?

No, participating distributors will be able to access all invoices electronically, either ‘on screen or they may chose to print off the invoice on odd occasions.

Some distributors may choose to request supplier invoices electronically and then manually process and approve the payments by comparing the invoice on screen with the payment data in their accounts system. This approach stores the invoice electronically for access by both suppliers and distributors, but will not allow the supplier to view the matching process in Spurwing as it will take place within the distributors AP department.

What if some of my distributors with Spurwing, but not all of them?

Suppliers can choose to either;

Upload data for participating distributors only, and continue to send hardcopy invoices to non participating distributors; OR

Make contact with non participating distributors and ask whether they would be prepared to receive electronic invoices which can be viewed in Spurwing.

This approach stores the invoice electronically for access by both suppliers and distributors, but will not allow the supplier to view the matching process in Spurwing as it will take place within the distributors AP department.

Suppliers are encouraged to discuss the benefits of Spurwing, electronic invoices and transparent matching process with any non participating distributor – the more distributors and suppliers participating, the greater the befit for the whole industry.

What is the advantage of Spurwings centralised ‘hub’ approach compared with ‘point-to-point’ connectivity between distributors and suppliers?

Spurwings ‘industry hub’ model allows businesses to join the Spurwing community and then use that connection to send or receive invoices from the many companies connected to the hub.

Point-to-point connectivity limits your ability to reach a high penetration of electronic traffic and requires a lot of manual operations from your own organisation, such as managing connections, including passwords, user ids, standards, etc.

In addition, new customers are automatically added as potential receivers and/or senders for all existing Spurwing customers, offering immediate wide-range coverage for any organisations joining the hub.

What if some of my distributors use Spurwing, but not all of them?

Yes, this is possible. Suppliers can extract invoice details for all distributors and Spurwing will only accept data for those distributors using Spurwing.

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