About Spurwing

An invoice and reservation matching solution developed for the travel and tourism industry.

The Spurwing solution automatically matches supplier invoice data and distributor payment data. This reduces time consuming, repetitive invoice handling tasks and facilitates efficient handling of exceptions for accounting departments.

Complex Industry Interface

  • Tourism Suppliers send multiple invoices to multiple distributors listing the services provided and associated information in their request for payment.
  • Agents / Distributors receive multiple invoices in multiple formats from multiple suppliers and manually (in most cases) match invoices received against their own references stored in their travel management systems - time consuming and tedious.

Spurwing Streamlines the Commercial Interface

Spurwing facilitates suppliers to upload invoices electronically which are then electronically matched against booking data uploaded by distributors.

The Spurwing process involves:
  1. Distributors logon and upload booking data from their booking systems.

  2. Suppliers logon and upload invoice data from their booking systems.

  3. Invoice/voucher data is automatically matched using agreed reference fields.

  4. Reports are automatically triggered detailing matched and unmatched records and initiates a process to resolve discrepancies.

  5. Reports can be imported back into the suppliers and distributor accounting system, completing the ’round trip’ in which data has been uploaded, matched and downloaded completely electronically.

Processing Steps

There are six fundamental operations to the Spurwing Reconciliation process:

1. One Organisation, supplier or distributor loads all of their trading partner data into the system, either directly through the web interfaces or alternatively for larger volumes of data through the data import facility.

2. The second Organisation and trading partner also contributes their data through one of the same system interfaces.

3. On detecting data for two trading Organisations the system will initiate the automatic reconciliation processing. The match processing takes minutes and once completed either party can review the results and address any items that have not been registered by the system as reconciled.

4. Accounts Payable personnel use the systems optimised search process to marry unmatched reservation and invoice items.

5. The system generates reports that detail the state or transactions between the trading partners.

6. Matched reconciled data is available for extract and can be fed into reservation/accounting systems to flag items as finalised and available for the next payment run.


Spurwing delivers a wide range of benefits culminating in significant time and cost savings for both suppliers and distributors.

Invoice Creation Distributor Benefit Supplier Benefit
Paper invoice preparation removed
Mailing costs removed
Reduced Photocopying/scanning
Reduced archive and storage costs
Ease of document retrieval
Spreadsheet creation removed
Invoice Payment
Reduced invoice management & sorting costs
Reduced manual invoice matching
Reduction of data inputting errors
Process Management
Quality data, transported between systems with no re-entry avoids transposition errors and subsequent manual follow-up
Transparent tracking via password logon
Online search and retrieval of invoice data
Matched data available for CSV download directly into distributor accounting systems for reconciliation
Early identification discrepancies
Provides a channel for the resolution of discrepancies
Reduce approval delays and invoices on hold
Compliance with legislative requirements
Ability to integrate with ’common’ accounting software
Solution compliments all business sizes
Easy to use, intuitive interface, flexible and scalable
Optimises process performance in financial departments
Best practice in Purchase to Pay procedures
Reduced paper use
Reduced photocopying
Reduced transport
Reduced storage costs
Industry Benefit
Development of an Industry Standard for data exchange
Improved relations between suppliers and distributor
Improved industry efficiency
Facilitation of financial managers network

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Spurwing System Requirements

To access the Spurwing system two components are required:
1) An internet connection
2) Use of a compliant internet browser

The recommended browser for the Spurwing system is Mozilla Firefox version 3 and above.
Download Mozilla Firefox Download Now
Microsoft Internet Explorer is also supported for version 7 and above.
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Other product versions may work though have not been verified for use with the Spurwing system.
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